Flexible Options To Suit Your Organisation

Workforce Retentions Exit Interview Programs are flexible and suit every organisation. The exit interview programs provide options such as; choosing confidential or non confidential exit interviews, opting for the entire outsourced package or pay less and self adminster, customise your on-line interviews or use workforce retentions effective online exit interview structure. Contact us for a demonstration of the tool.

Model of Disengagement to Exit

This model is based on information from  Leigh Branham’s book The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave (AMACOM Books, 2004) . In his research with the Saratoga Institute’s database of 20000 post exit surveys, he uncovered that voluntary employee turnover is almost always preceded by a period of disengagement from the organisation, after some turning point event. He adds weight to this by referring  to Dr Thomas Lee’s research (Lee is a Professor at the University of Washington) where there is strong evidence that most employee initiated turnover starts when the employee experiences some shocking or jarring event. Dr Lee emphasis that exit interviews that do not uncover the turning point events and get the employee to discuss the deliberation process will not reveal the root case.
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Online Exit Interviews

Online exit interviews can offer powerful insight into why your employees are leaving. Effective exit interview programs are often difficult for organisations to run in-house because the exit information is not collected consistently and reported objectively. The exiting employee is also less likely to tell the truth about why they are leaving unless the interview is confidential. Outsourcing your exit interview program to Workforce Retention not only saves time and cost but the on-line exit reporting provides powerful information on employee sentiment not just on what went wrong, but also what went right!

Benefits of Outsourcing to Workforce Retention

  • Exiting staff divulge relevant information with our tools. The information is candid and data more valid.
  • Participation rates are high compared with other exit programs.
  • The interview structure and reporting tool provides insight on the top reasons for leaving quickly and effectively.  
  • All interview data is captured centrally and analysed objectively. The web tool enables managers to gain insight straight from their desktop 24/7. 
  • The tool enables you to choose whether the process is confidential or non-confidential.  Non-confidential means the individual’s exit interview can be viewed by the manager.
  • Participants are very happy with Workforce Retentions process and have a willingness to provide candid feedback about their experience. 

How Is It Done?

  • We go through an exit interview customisation process with you to ensure the data captured is completely relevant to your organisaiton.
  • The exiting employee receives an email and link to their own online interview. Whilst they answer questions and input information the data is captured and indexed in the web hosted database.
  • You and other appointed management can logon to your website account at any stage in the program and view reported results from the quantitative interview responses.
  • A comprehensive quarterly exit report is also available in your account with drill down analysis on hot spots in the organisation and highlighting the themes and trends from quantitative and qualitative analysis. This quarterly exit report is posted to your web site account and also presented in person to the HR/ Management team.

What is the cost?

Prices start from $3,000 AUD per annum for self administer. A comprehensive list of pricing is available on request. For more information contact Angeline Wilkes